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Chase Bays 2013 Year in Review

Posted on December 31, 2013




2013 has been our best year to date in every way possible. We’ve grown so much. Not just in sales but in our presence in the community, as a team, in our products quality…just about every way a company can grow throughout.


I apologize in advance…but let me brag real quick. Right now I have the best team I could ask for. We’ve all got our flaws just like anyone else but we work extremely well together. Communication is not a problem like it has been in the past. We’ve gone from good to great at our jobs. Another crazy factor is that there are 3 less people on the team than there was in 2012…but we get more done than we ever did before. We’ve made mistakes and angered some customers in the past…and I really hate that. But we had to make those mistakes to get better. Every company makes more mistakes in the beginning years, it’s called growing pains. And every company continues to make mistakes no matter what but it’s in lesser quantities. As long as you learn from each mistake, find a solution quickly, and find ways to avoid those mistakes in the future then you’ll be just fine. That’s where we are right now. We’re done with those initial growing pains, we’ve got a clear view of our future, we’ve got our processes down…this is what it’s all about. I feel so confident in the products and services we can provide you with.


At Chase Bays we do everything. We meaning the full time staff. From design, procurement, most of the manufacturing (yes some products are outsourced to better hands, for now), marketing, photo/video, sales, order processing, shipping, tech support, customer service…everything is done here. It’s all under one roof. We don’t pay another company to do our marketing, our tech support, our R&D, or anything! I think that’s what makes us a great company today and an even better company in the future. Every task is done by someone that’s in the company and around the product every work day. This allows us to provide you with the best experience start to finish. This isn’t just throwing some products on a site and drop shipping them. We innovated new products in our industry that did not exist before we came along. We are creating manufacturing processes. We are using our own first hand experience and creativity as enthusiasts to create new and/or revise current products, market those products, and sell those products. This is what we believe and I want you to know it.


So lets start with our 2013 Scion FR-S build…

FR-S Shoot 3(no-cb)-9 FR-S SEMA Shoot (no-cb)-9 FR-S SEMA Shoot (no-cb)-1

Here’s a link to the build thread that you can read through after you’re done reading this


Once I saw the final release photos of the FR-S/BRZ/GT86 I knew we HAD to have it. Maybe it was more personal than anything, but the more I read the more I wanted. It’s just the perfect car at the perfect price. It’s the best canvas I could have asked for. It was new and it was affordable. Love at first sight! I also knew we could make a plethora of products for the chassis, it was a win win. So in November 2012 we got a white Scion FR-S. I almost look back and wish I kept it mildly modded, but it’s too late for that! Long story short, we rounded up our friends and their companies in the industry as our sponsors and tore this thing down for paint and a mega list of modifications.

FR-S Tear Down 4-14-13-1 FR-S Reassembly-1 FR-S Reassembly-2
We re-assembled it in 4 days just in time for Formula Drift New Jersey. That week is a crazy story on its own…so I will cliff notes it (while writing this I wondered who Cliff is and why he shortens everything. Google it. Thanks Cliff! He is dead.) I went days and days with no sleep while reassembling the car then Matt and I immediately hopped into a truck and trailer to drive 15 hrs north. We got to Jersey 2 hrs before the gates opened so we took a quick 2 hour nap in Kmart parking lot. So if you saw us at the event Friday or Saturday, just know Matt and I hadn’t slept since Tuesday!

FR-S Reassembly-25
Once we returned the next month was spent smoothing out all the bugs on the car (when I had time) and finally I was able to thrash it in the parking lot and then the track

Track - TDGP - 10-7-13-16

Shameless plug here. Thank you to our amazing sponsors for helping us with this build:

FR-S Sponsor

And the highest point of the build…it was featured in SpeedHunters! Click the photo for a link to the article.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 4.55.43 PM

Car feels amazing, go buy an FR-S or BRZ blah blah blah. Let’s talk about drifting.


My first car was a 1993 Nissan 240sx hatch. Burgundy in color. That was in 2004, which happens to be the year the first Formula Drift event was held. When I purchased the car I knew nothing about it being the one of the best drift cars around, or what drifting was for that matter. I just wanted a popularly modified car that I thought looked good. So thanks to a “quick” Lycos search on my Gateway with AOL 5.0 56k regarding the 240sx…I learned about drifting. I went to a lot and pulled the e-brake, then tried to clutch kick while the e-brake was up…etc etc drift fail. I got a couple circles down and then a cop pulled up and gave me a reckless driving ticket in a private parking lot. If only I knew the law back then! Anyways I wrecked that and got a Honda CRX then messed with Hondas for many many years. So really I come from a Honda background and I still truly love them.


But Drifting. If you’re reading this and you haven’t seen drifting in person, find a way to make that happen. Once you do that, find a way to ride in a good drift car with a good driver. If you do all that and you don’t want to get involved in drifting…then try again until you do. But I doubt that will happen. I love drifting. So much. It is the ultimate money pit. Skateboarding was my life from age 12-16, I cared about nothing but skateboarding. I injured my knee when I was 16 and could never get things back after that. With drifting I have found my new skateboarding, it’s so similar in so many ways. It’s just a bit more expensive but who cares right!?


It’s hard to get good seat time and always have money for broken parts and tires…which is everyones challenge. But my free time is sparse, Chase Bays is my priority no matter what. So what to do? Oh I’ve got it, use my resources to live vicariously through everyone else! That works for now at least. Chase Bays was an associate sponsor of Formula Drift in 2013. It’s been such a great experience and we really accomplished what we wanted to. It has sparked some seriously great business and personal relationships for everyone at Chase Bays.

FormulaDSponsor (1)

For the 2014 Formula Drift season we’ve sponsored some GREAT drivers that we already love working with. Not only are they talented but they are passionate about what they do and their entire team is full of good people. I will keep this short and just link to their social networks. I advise you follow them, always something interesting from these guys. In the 2014 we will be profiling each driver via YouTube throughout the season so I’ll wait for that to talk about them more.


Brandon Wicknick

Chris Mills

Erich Hagen

Forrest Wang

Jeff Wolfson

Josh Steele

Ryan Litteral

While we are on the subject, let me introduce the D1SL driver in Japan and the 3 ProAm drivers we’re sponsoring


Donald Jackson (D1SL in Japan)

Rolando Alfaro (Midwest Drift Union)

Stephen Bayles aka On3L3g (Lone Star Drift)

Dio Ortiz (Evergreen Drift)

We have so many exciting things planned for 2014. We will continue to better our products and services and we will continue to grow as a whole. As for the drift season, we will be going to most of the Formula Drift events with our video equipment to film 2 or 3 part webisodes per event. These webisodes will have driver interviews, Chase Bays product spotlights using the beast FD cars as the models, and of course sick drifting footage. This concludes part 1 of the 2013 Chase Bays Year in Review. In part 2 we will be discussing the new products we released, the product revisions we’ve done, TV appearances, and a lot about what to expect from Chase Bays in 2014.

Thanks for the support everyone! Happy New Year.

– Chase McMaster, President



Posted on January 23, 2013

Chase Bays is introducing a new aspect to our website, a customer feedback section. This is definitely not a new thing to our industry, but it is something that often gets forgotten or pushed aside.  So we wanted to add something to the site showcasing positive customer feedback and we will continue to add to this with any posts that we receive. If you have had a positive sales experience with Chase Bays or simply have received any type of exceptional customer service from any of our team members then by all means let us know. (We accept constructive critism too!) Our outside of the box approach here was to use actual screenshots of the reviews instead of just copy pasting and attaching a name. Otherwise its just words and a name that for all we know is fake.

 Whether you inform us by social media or e-mail, we will copy your feedback and put it on the site for others to see. Let’s face it, you want to buy from a company that has good reviews and has a solid team willing to help you however they can. So please feel free to view our new feedback section and view positive experiences from a few of our satisfied customers.

If you have anything that you’d like to submit, please feel free to e-mail us at:, and put “Feedback” in the subject line.

We greatly appreciate your support over the years, and we will only improve daily.


Chase Bays Clutch Line – Nissan 240sx w/ LS1 T56

Posted on April 3, 2012

Our clutch line looks great and functions better. After testing a few prototypes on our LS swapped G35 we knew exactly what to do to make the perfect clutch & bleeder line combo.

It is a full replacement clutch line and bleeder line. One piece -3AN stainless steel braided teflon coated line from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder in the T56 transmission. The bleeder line is 16″ long with a bracket pre-installed to attach to your transmission for easy bleeding. Eliminate the clutter and weight of the OEM hard line, soft line, and bracket. Our clutch line is great looking, saves weight, improves pedal feel, and improves clutch engagement.


Posted on November 4, 2011

For anyone who’s familiar with the RB26DETT, they get it. Its got this sense of enlightenment to it. The RB26DETT is from the Nissan Skyline GTR in Japan and it is…the shit. Capable of well over 1000 hp its the first choice to many enthusiasts. Amongst its popularity, no company has manufactured a new engine harness to make it seamlessly work in different chassis or to be flexible to changes commonly made. That is, until now. This harness has a lot to offer. All the commonly changed functions can be added in and changed seamlessly. The chassis its going in, Injectors, MAP & IAT, Coil Packs, Aftermarket Gauge Sensors, and so on. Like all of our other harnesses, we’ve knocked out 20 birds with 1 stone. Read more here… Harness

This is something we’ve never done here and I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. A before and after picture. Using the same photo studio, lighting, and editing as we use on our products, we took some pictures of the stock RB26DETT Engine Harness. The pictured harness is the average for harnesses we receive, I’d even say good condition compared to most.

Stock RB26DETT Engine Harness…

Chase Bays RB26DETT Engine Harness…

Why would you put so much money into your car and leave such an important piece out?


Posted on November 4, 2011

The Nissan RB20DET, the Skyline motor. A 2.0 Liter Inline 6 is strange to some people. Shouldn’t a 2.0 be a Inline 4? Maybe. But to those who own one and have dug deeper into what its capable of, understand it. Over the past decade the RB20DET has become a very popular engine swap. However, no company, until now, has made such a perfect engine harness. Like all of our other harnesses, its beautiful and its new. Its flexible to your setup. Whether you have a stock RB20DET swapped in or a fully built motor with different injectors, boost solenoid, MAP & IAT, and anything else you need to control that power…this harness can house it all seamlessly. And thats just half of it, more can be read here… Harness

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